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Consider a Plone browser view like this:

from Acquisition import aq_inner
from zope.component import getUtility
from zope.intid.interfaces import IIntIds

class SomeView(grok.View)'some-view')

    def render(self):
        doc = aq_inner(self.context)
        intids = getUtility(IIntIds)
        to_id = intids.getId(doc)

There's nothing wrong with this code, yet we got a KeyError on the getId call. After a while we figured out that this only happens when virtual hosting is configured to hide the portal name (e.g. http://somehost/ proxies to http://localhost:8080/Plone) AND the URL contains the portal name anyway (http://somehost/Plone/... - this happens if you use getPhysicalPath() instead of absolute_url()). In this case the Acquisition chain contains the portal twice and aq_iter (from five.intid.utils) wrongly detects a __parent__ loop. Removing the protal name from the URL (by using absolute_url()) solved the issue.

9th November 2014Filed under: Plone   virtual hosting   Acquisition